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AC Maintenance & Deep Cleaning

The AC is need of a deep clean and disinfection due to the ducts getting clogged with dirt, grime and dust. Air conditioning is too important to be without, and we will make sure that you always are in the cool.

Energy Management

When it comes to energy saving, energy management is the process of monitoring, controlling, and conserving energy in a building or organization.


At every point in a building’s life a renovation must be made. Whether it is replacing 50-year-old leaking pipes to updating the outdated and malfunctioning air conditioning system, most likely your building has been through some sort of renovation before. We do anything from small everyday repairs and system replacements to big, building-wide replacements.


Our electricians are available 24/7 to service any of your electrical needs. Our services extend to both commercial and residential buildings, because all buildings have issues with electricity at some point in their lives.


Home cleaning services and garden cleaning services, however, finding the right help can be a little intimidating. Having a cleaning service makes all the difference, both with first impressions and with the longevity of your household items.


Security services in office buildings are able to control who is entering the building and can offer services such as signing in all visitors and ensuring that only those who should be in the building are allowed to enter.

Lift Maintenance

To manage a building or site you have to make sure it meets the expectations of the tenants and visitors. The lift, escalator or moving walk solution at the site needs to be efficient, reliable and working correctly all the time.


Water conservation not only is it important for the environment, it’s important for your pocket as well. Any plumbing issues at home, it is important to contact a professional immediately even if the problem seems minor but a small leak could be an indicator of a much bigger emergency and result in much more time and money spent down the track.

Waste Management

Waste can take any form that is solid, liquid, or gas and each have different methods of disposal and management. Also to reduce adverse effects of waste on health, the environment or aesthetics.