At every point in a building’s life a renovation must be made. Whether it is replacing 50-year-old leaking pipes to updating the outdated and malfunctioning air conditioning system, most likely your building has been through some sort of renovation before. Renovo understands this need and is ready to help with both commercial and residential renovations. We do anything from small everyday repairs and system replacements to big, building-wide replacements.

We appreciate the extensive trust that you place within our company, and especially the trust that you place on our careful and diligent staff. Part of our commitment to working with you is making sure that your needs are met completely met. Decisions are some of the most exciting processes of the renovation process, but they are something that our company does without your input. We work with you to determine what your plans are for the building. Once we meet with you and finalize renovation plans, we will work around your plans and will check in consistently to make sure that everything is to plan.
We understand that a renovation can mean a lot of inconvenience. From the noise of the machinery to the temporary loss of space – renovation is no picnic. Renovo strives to take inconvenience out of this process while it is happening. Our team is trained to make sure that each line of paint and new lighting fixture is installed perfectly. We keep our time in your home or office as minimal as we can, and we never work during hours that do not work for you. Finally, when the project is done, our friendly staff makes sure to clean up and be out of your space quickly.

What it comes down to is that we are always here to help. Our 24/7 service makes it easy to work renovations around your schedule. From home improvement projects to major cleaning projects to complete building renovations, Renovo wants to make your workplace or living space work for you. Schedule a time today for the best maintenance company in Dubai to stop by today. We look forward to working with you on your renovation.